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Spring 5 Package: Note (2021-01-01): I haven't updated it according to the recent change (a few months ago) in the official pivotal exam curriculum - which is, more Spring Boot questions. My tests are still good. However, you have to supplement your study with more Spring Boot topics from somewhere else.


Pivotal Certified Spring Professional (Spring 4.1) - Practice Tests


The Pivotal Certified Spring Professional (Spring 4.1) package contains 5 complete tests (totalling to 250 questions).

Taking The Practice Tests

Just like the real exam, you must complete a test in 90 minutes. You may choose to have an untimed test. You can also choose to review the questions one by one, untimed, and answers shown.

Also, just like the real exam, the passing score is 76% (that means, you must have answered correctly, at least 38 questions).

Each complete test has:

1. 50 questions just like the real test
2. full coverage (100%) of the test topics

The look and feel, and features of itestjava.com's Pivotal Certified Spring Professional test interface is similar to the real test interface at the testing centers.

You can take the tests in 3 different ways:

1. Just Like The Real Test (Timed)
2. Just Like The Real Test, But Untimed
3. Review (Answers Shown, Untimed)

Source Of Practice Questions

Practice Question Categories

The ITestJava practice questions are categorised according to the official Core Spring 4.1 Study Guide. You can get a copy of the guide at the Pivotal Certifications Page.

Each complete test (ITestJava has 5) has full coverage (100%) of the major categories.

Real Test Questions Versus iTestJava's Practice Questions

ITestJava's questions are in similar level of difficulty as the real exam questions.

Quality Of Practice Questions

ITestJava's questions are the best out there.

All ITestJava questions underwent thorough review to remove any traces of vagueness or inaccuracy. It is an ITestJava policy that you will be refunded of your payment (while keeping your subscription), if you find any faulty question.

Author Of Questions

The author of the questions is a Pivotal Certified Spring Professional.


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About The Real Exam

Pivotal Certified Spring Professional

Pivotal Certified Spring Professional

Becoming a Pivotal Certified Spring Professional

To become a Pivotal Certified Spring Professional, you need to complete 1 requirement:

1. Pass the Certified Spring Professional exam
In Pearson Vue, the exam is titled like below:
     CoreSpringV4...: Core-Spring (based on Spring 4...)

The test is computer-based.

Below are details of the test:

Number Of Questions 50 Questions
Types Of Questions 1. Multiple Choice, 1 Answer
2. Multiple Choice, 1 Or More Answers
Time Limit 90 Minutes
Passing Score 76% (38 Questions)

For more information (including about both the training and exam requirement), you can visit the Pivotal Certification Page.

Below are some information that may be of help in your preparation:

Pivotal Certification Page Pivotal Certification Page


Pivotal Certified Spring Professional (Spring 4.1) Package
US$ 29.99 for 7,300 days access
    (SPRING 5.0)
    5 Complete Tests
    250 Questions
    (SPRING 4.3)
    5 Complete Tests
    250 Questions
    Free Trial
    5 Questions
    (SPRING 4.2)
    5 Complete Tests
    250 Questions
    Free Trial
    5 Questions
Customer Reviews
I passed the Spring 5 certification with a score of 90%.

The mocks helped me a lot to know which parts of the spring documentation I should focus more on before attempting the exam and to strengthen my understanding of some topics too.

Thank you iTestJava !

G. Mahdi, 2020-08-15
I passed the spring exam.

the mock exams were really helpful and thx a lot for that

D.S., 2020-05-01
itestJava helped me a lot to get my Spring Professional v5.0 certification.
I practiced the tests multiple times before taking the actual test (3 times each test).
The questions helped to strengthen my concepts, the explainations were short and clear.
Got me enough knowlege to pass the actual test

Daniel, 2019-04-06
I found your test questions for the Spring Test 4.3 very helpful for passing the certificate, so many thanks for that :-)

Tanja, Nov 23, 2017
Last year, I've successfully passed Spring Core 4 exam (partly thanks to your mock exams)

I've reached score 100%

big thanks :)

Once again thanks,

Lukasz, Feb 23, 2016
I passed Spring Core 3.2 exam with 92%.

Thanks guys!

Liv, Jan 31, 2016
I have passed the Spring Core 4 certification with score 96%.

Without i Test I can not do it for sure.

All the topics in the exam are covered here.

Many thanks!

Yisu Wang, Nov 6, 2015
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